Ellen Mandelbaum


South Carolina Aquarium

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Process drawing
South Carolina Aquarium, exterior (photo: Timothy Hursley)
Balcony level (photo: Marilyn Ott)
Entry Hall detail (photo: Timothy Hursley)

About This Project

Glass Landscape: Mountains to the Sea was designed to be a spectacular representation of the aquatic diversity of South Carolina as well as the ecological systems within the Aquarium itself.  Dramatic in size, the glass installation evokes an experience of color and art that seems nearly as fluid and free as the local water’s journey from mountaintop to ocean shore.  Created to hide a parking lot and showcase the Aquarium’s skyline view of Charleston and its striking location at the convergence of the Cooper River & Charleston Harbor, Glass Landscape was designed using silkscreen, hand-painting, and carefully selected glass textures and shades.  Alan Eskew, Mike Shakespeare, Architects.

“(Mandelbaum’s) style presented a fresh view of the elements of the Aquarium’s story.  Her special vision incorporated the plantings and the ever changing Charleston sky beyond the glass with the atmospheric, painted glass imagery.  The design solution was dynamic and beautiful, a part of everyone’s personal experience at the Aquarium… Ellen Mandelbaum…(is) to be congratulated for this special work of art.” – Frank Zaremba, Lyons/Zaremba Exhibit Planning & Design

Location: Charleston, SC
Date: 2000
Medium: Original Design of Two-Story Stained Glass Lobby Entryway (Permanent Installation)
Size: 30′ H x 18′ W

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