Ellen Mandelbaum



“Ellen Mandelbaum is another artist who combines aspects of East and West in her paintings on “antique” glass, where exquisitely delicate blades of grass and other images of nature worthy of an Asian master emerge from an abstract context. In Mandelbaum’s “Martinique,” an entire Caribbean beachscape is evoked with swift strokes that combine Eastern lyricism with Abstract Expressionist brio.”
– Byron Coleman, “‘The Cauldron’ Bubbles Effervescently at New Century Artists Gallery, in Gallery & Studio, vol 15 no. 1, September-October 2012


“When I first discovered Ms. Mandelbaum’s work, after several false starts with other artists and studios, I was stunned by the beauty and originality of her work, and said to myself, ‘I think we have found our artist’…. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with Ms. Mandelbaum.”
– David A. Martin, Director of Pastoral Services, Robert Packer Hospital


“Ellen is a wonderful artist, one without peer, in my strong and considered opinion, among glass artists currently working in this country…The windows with which I have the good fortune to live now are a constant source of delight. They bring peace, serenity, excitement and wonder to my home and I love them more every day…I could not recommend anyone more highly than I recommend, with pleasure, Ellen Mandelbaum.”
– Dr. Suzanna Simor, Director, Queens College Art Center


“As I imagined, Ellen was the absolute professional, meeting every deadline and executing the contract in a detailed manner. She talked with me at length about my desired outcome, and provided sketches and drawings to help me visualize what the final window would look like. But I never could have expected the finished piece to be as breathtaking as it truly is!”
– Toni Sikes, Founder, Guild.com


“In her effort to reflect the hopes and faith of our congregation…Mrs. Mandelbaum did her research on the history and culture of the church and people. The result is a production of a fine art, not only artistically magnificent, but spiritually inspiring and culturally identifiable.”
-Rev. Woong-Min Kim, Christ United Methodist Church


“Ellen worked well with our committee of potential residents and listened carefully to our expressions of faith and the mysteries we hold dear. Ellen was able to translate those expressions into a true work of art- worthy of the sacred space in which it plays so significant a role…I gladly recommend Ellen Mandelbaum to any project that could benefit from her artistry.”
– Sister Mary Pashcal Hill, Marian Woods Retirement Home


“(Mandelbaum’s) style presented a fresh view of the elements of the Aquarium’s story. Her special vision incorporated the plantings and the ever changing Charleston sky beyond the glass with the atmospheric, painted glass imagery. The design solution was dynamic and beautiful, a part of everyone’s personal experience at the Aquarium… Ellen Mandelbaum…(is) to be congratulated for this special work of art.”
– Frank Zaremba, Lyons/Zaremba Exhibit Planning & Design


“Ms. Mandelbaum, with little direction from us, led us through the design process providing great sensitivity to the spirituality of the space she was designing for…Ms. Mandelbaum formulated a schedule and budget, both of which were strictly adhered to, despite our construction setbacks which impacted her working area. While we worked with numerous artisans on this project, we can unequivocally say that Ms. Mandelbaum was the only artisan that respected the reality of a construction schedule and budget, while still providing an awe inspiring space to worship in.”
– Irene Bartram & Scott Bader, Architectural Chairpersons, Adath Jeshurun Congregation


“…from the beginning of the process, (Ellen) possessed the ability to stay true to her art and also to listen to and incorporate the desires and comments of the (design) committee members.  The outcome is an inspiring and distinct design feature that is the focal point in our beautiful new sanctuary.”
– Deb Finkelstein, Executive Director, Kol Shalom Synagogue


“I loved it…spontaneous, unpretentious and sensual, in spite of its monumental setting and function…”
– Stefan Trumpler, Director, Swiss Museum for Stained Glass & Glass Art, Romont


“…Ellen Mandelbaum’s work…started one of the most important trends in contemporary stained glass today…”
– S. Beeh-Lustenberger, Art Historian