Ellen Mandelbaum


Robert Packer Hospital Interfaith Chapel ‘Window of Hope’

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'Window of Hope'
Panel detail
Chapel Entrance

About This Project

The stained glass in the door of this modest white chapel in the hospital hallway helps to create a sense of calm for respite, meditation and healing for people of all faiths. Symbols of the four seasons suggest that, like spring, health can come again. The stained glass is beloved and has come to be called The Window of Hope.  

“When I first discovered Ms. Mandelbaum’s work, after several false starts with other artists and studios, I was stunned by the beauty and originality of her work, and said to myself, ‘I think we have found our artist’…. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with Ms. Mandelbaum.” – David A. Martin, Director of Pastoral Services, Robert Packer Hospital

Location: Sayre, PA
Date: 2006
Medium: Original Design of Stained Glass Window Panel within Door (Permanent Installation)
Size: 60″ H x 18″ W

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