Ellen Mandelbaum


Queens College Art Center & Library ‘Colors of the Sky’

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Yellow panel
Panoramic View; Manhattan on the horizon
Blue panel
Red panel

About This Project

Three vertical stained glass panels set in a wider window, complement a glorious distant view of the Manhattan skyline. Laminated so there are no dividing lead lines, the panels are made with the best mouth blown glass.  Each panel has one color at the bottom, and a square at the top unified by long painted lines. The blue, red and yellow colors were selected to echo and contrast with the changing colors of the sky.

“Ellen is a wonderful artist, one without peer, in my strong and considered opinion, among glass artists currently working in this country…The windows with which I have the good fortune to live now are a constant source of delight.  They bring peace, serenity, excitement and wonder to my home and I love them more every day…I could not recommend anyone more highly than I recommend, with pleasure, Ellen Mandelbaum.”  – Dr. Suzanne Simor, Director, Queens College Art Center

Location: Flushing, NY
Date: 2006
Medium: Original Design of 3 Stained Glass Panels for Rosenthal Library (Independent Panels/Permanently Hung)
Size: 5′ H x 2′ W each

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