Ellen Mandelbaum


Quaint Restaurant

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Interior transom
Restaurant view

About This Project

This upscale restaurant commissioned a free hanging painted stained glass decoration.  The glass at the center is transparent ochre reamy (textured like flowing water) with opalescent squares to the left and the right. The window is a focal point for the interior and a transition to the summer garden outside. It creates a special identity, value, and adds color to the room’s deep palette.

“…the hand painted stained glass that (Ellen) designed for the restaurant was a perfect fit. The choice of colors for the glass panels was amazing. We can see how it changes with the seasons and from day to night. We are privileged to have (her) work displayed for all to see.”   – Tim Chen, Owner

Location: Sunnyside, NY
Date: 2007
Medium: Original Stained Glass Panel for Restaurant Dining Room (Permanent Installation)
Size:  14″ H x 56″ W


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