Ellen Mandelbaum


Private Residence ‘Weeping Cherry’

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Process drawing
Interior view, completed
Arched Entryway, interior

About This Project

Weeping Cherry was commissioned to fit into a ready made Anderson frame placed in the home’s grand arched entryway.  It greets family and friends with warmth and natural beauty.  It incorporates the idea of the flowing cherry tree beyond the window.  Taking into account the light, trees, and changing seasons of its surroundings, this design melds the sky’s changing colors with the soft, pale hues inspired by its nearby springtime cherry blossoms.  RKB Associates, Architects.

Location: Darien, CT
Date: 2003
Medium: Original Design, Stained Glass Window for Arched Entryway (Permanent Installation)
Size: 5.5′ H x 3′ W


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