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Holy Spirit Catholic Community

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Holy Spirit Altar & Sanctuary space
'Wind of the Spirit' window

About This Project

The colorful Wind of the Spirit window in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Holy Spirit is both a meditation window and a backdrop for the Mass. The window, set in the middle of the small Chapel, is placed directly behind the altar of the larger main sanctuary so it is visible behind the priest during mass and becomes part of the service. In a congregation that often incorporates banners into their worship service, this visually uplifting design attempts to honor the exultant practice while also bestowing a sense of earthly peace and tranquility to the meditation space. This artwork is comprised of colored glass and hand-painting, which was fired for permanence. John Stryker, Architect.

Location: Naperville, IL
Date: 2003
Medium: Original Design of Stained Glass for Chapel Window (Permanent Installation)
Size: 12′ H x 5′ W


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