Ellen Mandelbaum


Christ United Methodist Church

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'Christ Crossing the Waves' window (photo: David Franzen)
Window detail (photo: David Franzen)
Altar View, closeup (photo: David Franzen)

About This Project

The stained-glass window behind the altar of this worship hall in Honolulu expresses both the spirituality and the cultural history of this congregation. The Christ Crossing The Waves window symbolizes this Korean Methodist Congregation’s historic journey from Korea to Hawaii with painting of mountains like the ones in the country left behind.  Intertwined colors emphasize the congregation’s strong sense of community. The window helps to create a serene yet holy space for this residential neighborhood sanctuary while at the same time provides an uplifting setting for its congregants. Spencer Leineweber, Architect. 

“In her effort to reflect the hopes and faith of our congregation…Mrs. Mandelbaum did her research on the history and culture of the church and people.  The result is a production of a fine art, not only artistically magnificent, but spiritually inspiring and culturally identifiable.” – Rev. Woong-Min Kim, Christ United Methodist Church

Location: Honolulu, HI
Date: 1998
Medium: Original Design of Stained Glass Window Wall behind Altar (Permanent Installation)
Size: 23′ H x 9′ W

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