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2019 Class Opportunities

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About This Project

Ellen Mandelbaum is internationally known for commissions that represent one of the most important trends in contemporary stained glass today – going beyond traditional stained glass to use abstract imagery and rich, emotive painting on glass. Art as well as technique!

She is offering long weekend classes in her Long Island City, NYC studio. These semi- private classes offer a depth that is not available in larger groups. Individual attention and development are a huge benefit to her classes as is her wealth of experience, generous spirit, and encouragement to experiment freely.

2019 Classes:

Designing with Freedom $700.  Martin Luther King weekend Fri. Sat., Mon., Jan, 18, 19, 21. (There will be NO class on Sunday the 20th but students will be free to practice.) Introduction to the many strategies to overcome self- consciousness and to be free to create meaning and beauty. Students design from some of Ellen Mandelbaum’s commissions, then go to see her nearby installations.

Come Paint with Me $350. Fri., Sat., Sun., April 26, 27, 28. A special class at a special price for students who have taken a class with Ellen Mandelbaum. They are invited to an open studio to work at their own level and bring their current projects. She will be around to offer help and inspiration.

Ellen Mandelbaum is a Senior Advisor of The American Glass Guild and an Accredited  Artist – Designer of The Stained Glass Association of America.

“I enjoy her company on so many levels and like to think of her as a mentor.  What I learned from her personally and artistically is invaluable and truly something I consider a milestone in my life.”     – Kara Peer, student

$150 deposit and balance due ahead of class time. Most supplies included. Lodging not included – for recommendations please email me. I will teach until early afternoon. Classes will end by 2:30pm. You can spend the remaining time practicing or at a museum in Manhattan. For further information, see Ellen Mandelbaum on You Tube , and Contact her directly at ellen@ellenmandelbaum.com 718 361 8154/917-324-3292


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