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2018-19 Class Opportunities

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About This Project


About This Project

     “I enjoy her company on so many levels and like to think of her as a mentor.  What I learned from her personally and artistically is invaluable and truly something I consider a milestone in my life.”     - Kara Peer, student

The Stained Glass School with

Ellen Mandelbaum

Small Classes In Her Long Island City/ NYC Studio

Class Opportunity I.  A Brush With Freedom and Light  

                                                                                           ($500 + NY State tax)

                                                   Friday – Sunday: October 5,6,7 / December 8,9,10 / March 15,16,17

This is a rare opportunity to study with internationally known stained glass artist, Ellen Mandelbaum. In this introductory workshop you will work with her one-on-one as she demonstrates her non-traditional, abstract painting techniques.  Using her own methods, she will guide students to paint freely and explore the relationship between gesture and expression.  Students will be encouraged to examine the dramatic range of possible tones and textures in glass painting.  Using drawing and painting exercises, Mandelbaum will offer an insight into her unique artistic perspective and naturally beautiful painting style.


Class Opportunity II.  Designing With Freedom 

                                                                                        ($700 + NY State tax)

                                             Friday – Tuesday: Martin Luther King weekend – January 18,19,20 & 22

(Sunday free to practice or visit NYC museums!)

In this class the emphasis will be on designing.  Mandelbaum will be showing examples of her 40 years of stained glass for large-scale architecture, residential installations, and independent panels and also show successful work of other artists. You will be invited to make an alternative design for one of these projects or develop one of your own.  She will guide you through an exploration of the many strategies to overcome self-consciousness and to be free to create meaning and beauty.


Mandelbaum is an award- winning artist, an Accredited Artist-Designer of the Stained Glass Association of America, A Senior Advisor to the American Glass Guild and is also a founding member of The Women’s International Glass Workshop. She loves to teach and look carefully at student’s work in order to help them reach their full potential.


Small Class (max. 4 students). Private lessons can be specially arranged.

($150. Deposit and balance due ahead of class time. Most supplies included. Lodging not included – for recommendations please email me.) I will teach until early afternoon- Classes will end by 2:30 you can spend the remaining time practicing or at museums in Manhattan.


Ellen Mandelbaum Glass Art   718-361-8154 / cell 917-324-3292


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